Olimpus Has Fallen

  1. last year
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    Didn't want to Grief you but this is what happens when you Combat log during a base Raid
    Uploading a couple more pics soon

    Whole threw the center of base to bedrock to make sure no secret chests ;)
    Near By Village Everyone slaughtered
    From his house(Bad at taking pictures)
    He probly shouldn't go back to living there
    Mob spawners destroyed - Zombie and Spider
    Villagers Killed- 20~30
    If there is anything left feel free to check for your self,
    Cords for Portal on the nether roof, ( -1120x 10872z )

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    Doesn't look like there was much to grief in the first place xD Rip

  3. thats why im posting more

  4. Updated

  5. I'll be back! With even cheaper mending books!

  6. Didnt kill me lol

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    did =nt spell Olympus right either :] Or hole. Or probably.

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    Sow what would you guys say the best part of the town was? My house on the mountain or the tower I built for _1996_ on the hill, I thought the head hill was pretty cool, in place of the head wall everyone else has.
    Another thing, you said this is what happens when I log, what would have happened if I didn't log? You guys would kill me and then continue merrily along your way?

  9. Anything besides book you guys want to see at my shop? Also should I start the diamond pickaxe biz back up again? I thought that was pretty profitable, though I may have to lower the price of silk touch and raise the cost of fortune III

  10. dude no spamming this

  11. Oh come on! I didn't even get to see my finished face!

  12. Wait, Gilbert did you leave a portal and not expect to get raided?!

  13. Edited last year by gilbertboys

    I had no portal, I had one I never lit 500 blocks away from the base.

  14. @gilbertboys I had no portal, I had one I never lit 500 blocks away from the base.

    Did you destroy/ never create any portals you had?

  15. I destroyed the portal I used to get there from both sides.

  16. Then how...?

  17. @gilbertboys Olimpus is a name i gave you because your base was not good enough to be called Olymipus, as for other errors it was 3am here get over it. I am not at liberty To tell you how your base ended up being raided that is all.

  18. It's spelled Olympus dingus.

  19. Lmao double rekt

  20. When 12 year olds are trying to roast on the internet, lol.

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