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  1. 2 years ago
    Thu Dec 22 16:37:54 2016

    M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender".

  2. Wed Dec 21 17:16:08 2016

    Invite me! Reeeeeee!

  3. Tue Dec 20 02:06:43 2016
    Sub posted in Olimpus Has Fallen.

    When 12 year olds are trying to roast on the internet, lol.

  4. Sun May 1 20:28:41 2016
    Sub posted in PVP Tournament!!!.

    This server isn't the greatest for pvp though.

  5. Fri Apr 29 23:40:22 2016
    Sub posted in tsu PvPing.

    Shiiiet. Suh dude. Haven't been here in a long time.

  6. Sun Mar 20 02:07:32 2016
    Sub posted in Dannysharks Overeacting.

    "Mah feerrings had been hurd dogdangnit" Seriously was this entire post a hit piece against Danny? With zero evidence? It's not even that you're facing a biased opposition. You're just stupid thinking "hurr derr, Imma make this poooost going BLLEEHEHEHEHEHEHEWHWW" is a great way to point out whatever Danny did?

  7. Sun Mar 20 01:38:22 2016
    Sub posted in Dannysharks Overeacting.

    You got wrecked SON. G O D B L E S S.

  8. Sat Mar 19 16:54:42 2016
    Sub posted in Craziest ban appeals.

    G O D B L E S S . These offenders aren't as nearly intelligent as they think they are. "Not fly hacks bruh, even tho I clearly flew in a straight line with no signs of lag whatsoever".

  9. Fri Mar 18 17:36:56 2016
    Sub posted in Red Army: Perfection.

    Ahh. You still haven't asked me to provide anything to base 2 soviet. Were you ever going to?

  10. Fri Mar 18 17:30:08 2016
    Sub posted in Craziest ban appeals.

    I remember being a staff member on this KitPVP server, and at one point had to ban people every 7 minutes because they were hacking to which they always replied, "I'm not hacking bruh, I'm just a good pvper" as I see their autosoup burning through their inventory.

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