1. last year

    As title states server is down, it's currently been worked on.
    Actual cause is unknown at this moment and we have no proper ETA.

  2. Ok, good to know.

  3. Ty for the update

  4. Haha, the one time I was going to come back and stop by the server.
    Good to hear it's got an upgrade though.

  5. Rock & Roll McDonalds

  6. Deleted last year by _UNDRSCRE_
  7. Thank you for the update, relieves me of anxiety.

  8. im booooored

  9. me too
    Whelp. I just finished watching Interstellar. Good movie, long af.

  10. I thought I was letting the old server expire but it turns out it was the new one (doh), no biggy, I just paid for the server and we are all up and running.

    - Crafty

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