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    Welcome! We hope you consider joining what is soon to be a great community! We currently do not have a base, but I'm working on it! Although we do have a trusted base. If you join, you will be assigned the task of helping build the initiate base. The following is information that you may want to know before attempting to join (even if you are trying to raid us):

    Pizza Guild (PG)

    Summary of all of the information below:

    Pizza Guild is a faction where every player does what they are best at. The storage in the faction’s main base is to be shared with each member, so it is recommended to have your own base. There are certain rules that the faction must follow for it to be a safe and secure place. You will not leave an application if you are interested in joining, instead, you will post that you want to join, a screenshot of how many ticks you have, and your discord. I will then invite you to my discord or a private conversation, and we will discuss it on there. If you want to no longer be in the initiate base and go to the trusted base,
    you must show me your base (required to have a decent base) and all of your warps and where your home is set. If you don't trust me, by all means just stay in the initiate base! If you do not wish to reveal your coordinates, do not go to the trusted base and stay in the initiate base. It is not required. If you go to the trusted base, I need your coords as security so the base doesn't get destroyed. Every player should have their home set in their assigned spot in the base, so I know where each player is.

    Information on PG:

    Pizza Guild is a faction for new players or old players who just want to be a part of the community. If you are found worthy, we can help you on your journey to greatness. Every player does what they are best at in this faction. Are you a good builder? You can help with the base! Good with redstone? Nice! Good at pvp or raiding? Then you can help our faction to become the best, and conquer all of the others! Not good for much, eh?... You can go to the mines. Pizza Guild is a faction created for letting the importance of Pizza be known to all humans. As security, you must set your home in a certain spot so that I can keep a record of every player’s warps. If you join, you must be prepared to die for the good of the faction. You must be prepared to fight for the faction and do whatever tasks are required to keep it from falling apart. If you consider joining, you must keep in mind that you will be mentally tested before you are allowed to join. There will be no applications on this thread, only post on this thread if you want to join or not, and you must include your discord username. I will invite you to my discord channel, and that is where you will be tested.
    Whenever you get raided or the server resets, you may think that all is lost. But something still remains: The community on the server.

    Information on pizza:

    Pizza is very important to the world as we know it in many ways. First and foremost, pizza can be cut into parts and be shared with others. This represents the outstanding community that Pizza Guild… does not currently have However!!!!111!11111!11!!! If you join now you could be one of our first members! Moving on… Pizza is like pie, because it is shaped like a circle, and pi is used to find the circumference and area of circles! This is significant because unlike pizza, circles and pi just keep going on forever! There is no end if you follow the line of a circle with your eye, or if you try to find the end of pi. And looking back, this section is a circle… It is going nowhere except where we were at in the beginning.

    History of PG:

    Pizza Guild gets raided because HustL leaks our coordinates.
    HustL was the only player in the faction at the time other than me and 0ptimore, and I made most of the base and 0ptimore helped a lot, so neither of us had any reason to leak the coords. When NerdieBirdieYT uploads the video of the raid, he mentions that GrandpaCarl00 gave him the coords, but he got them from an anonymous friend. Shortly after the video is uploaded and the base is in ruins and the faction is in turmoil, HustL applies to NN, which RAIDED OUR BASE. In his NN application, he mention that HE WAS FRIENDS WITH GrandpaCarl00, who stated that a friend gave him the coords, and that he was anonymous. This is old news, but this is the history of the faction.
    Now I try to revive it.
    The end until someone wants to join.


    If you are a new player who wants to join, make sure that you have your own base. To prevent us from getting raided, we will have a main base that has many features that can be used by any player, although they should not be damaged in any way. This means that anyone can use the storage, and that you should only put something in the storage if you want to share it with everyone in PG. If you need help finding an appropriate location far enough from spawn, I can help you, but only if you need it desperately. We will also have 2 bases: One for trusted members, and one for initiates. To get into the trusted base, you must show me all of your warps. I will not raid you. If I raid you, you will raid Pizza Guild’s base, and if you raid our base, I will raid yours. I will not share your coordinates with any other faction members. If our coords our leaked, the person who leaked them will be raided and kicked from the faction. It is every member’s job to report players who have leaked coords if they know who it was. It is a requirement to have at least 2 of your own bases, or you cannot be in the faction. If one of your warps is for travel, that is fine, but your warps must be set so that we know that you have nothing to hide. If you try to secretly leak our coords, I will use evidence to find out, the same way I did with HustL. (Look in history). Even if you make a decoy base, that will take effort, and your reputation will be ruined because you will be exposed.

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  5. hello @The3xpertGamer I want to join!!! Discord: RockinRIcky2

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