Buying used Elytra and shulker shells paying in diamonds

  1. 9 months ago
    Edited 9 months ago by humfrydog

    I need to restock my store and I will pay with diamonds. So if you want to earn some diamonds and raid end ships and cities I have work. I am paying the following:

    3 diamond blocks for plain good condition Elytras and 2 diamond blocks and 3 loose diamonds for nearly worn out elytra

    I pay 2 diamond for 1 shulker shell and 5 diamonds for 2 shulker shells.
    I buy in bulk also for 1 stack of shells I pay a bonus and pay 20 diamond blocks per stack of shells.

    I will buy up to 10 stacks of shells and 30 elytras. got diamonds to spend message here or in game

  2. Edited 9 months ago by humfrydog

    Update i will pay a bonus for the first 2 stacks of shells sold to me. paying 25Db per stack for the first 2 stacks as a insentive to get collecting.

  3. Just upped my offer to 20db on stacks 3 and above.

  4. bump

  5. I still need this order filled offer stands please message and sell me stuff, lol price has been raised make some diamonds having fun

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