1. last year

    Alright so I know you caught me using a xray texture pack and yeah I admit that... But The only way I would use it was so when I was strip mining I would know if I was coming up to diamonds, and if I wasn't I would stop and start a new mine. You also probably didn't like the amount of diamonds I had off the bat. tbh I don't know how that happened I got lucky ig but I never used the TP to dig straight to diamonds (Besides obviously the one time when you killed me) I couldn't help myself. Please reconsider your decision, I really like this server and it is so hard to find a good survival server like this one with such a nice community.

  2. And really I wont ever use it again. And if you ever were to catch me again, ban me for good.

  3. Staff won't accept this unless you follow our ban appeal format, although there are zero exceptions about banning cheaters, so they won't be unbanning you. Feel free to follow the ban appeal format though; staff has the final say.

  4. I hate my life...

  5. @shadowkmd724

    Please follow the correct ban appeal in the right section. Thank you.

  6. is there even a point I doubt you are going to unban me

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