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  1. 11 months ago

    One of the more sought after items player tend to look for are music discs. But some don't want to go through the trouble to get the rarer ones. so i am offering also complete sets with jukebox for 15 DB per set. i currently have 3 full sets in stock.


    God picks with eff5, un3, mending and either silk or fortune 3 are 27 diamonds each or 50 diamonds for a pair

    God shovels with eff5, un3, mending and either silk or fortune 3 are 18 diamonds each or 30 diamonds for a pair

    God elytra with un 3, mending and a stack of duration 1 rockets is 5DB each

    duration 1 rocket stack is 9 diamonds per stack

    slime ball stacks are 8 diamonds per stack

    Concrete on sale for 1 diamond per stack solid or powder 16 color choices

    Terracotta for sale 2 diamonds per stack solid or glazed 16 color choices

    god shields with custom artwork on them for 8 diamonds each limited selection

    god armor sets for 8db a set protect 4 no thorns

    god axe eff 5, un 3, mending and fortune 3 or silk for 24 diamonds each or a pair for 42 dimaonds

    see my other ads for more details ty

  2. more god sets in stock

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