Purpur & Obsidian

  1. 8 months ago

    Paying 1 dia per stack of purpur, need about 200-300 stacks
    Paying 4 dia per stack of obsidian, need about 50 stacks
    PM me here or in game, can also trade in enchanted books of any kind or shulkers.

  2. i want shulker shells, i can probably supply all the putpur do you want standard purpur blocks?

  3. Yes, just regular purpur blocks

  4. Also buying credits for 2 diamonds each, may pay more depending on how many you have to sell.

  5. I have well over 100 credits (around 140 i think) and i'd like to sell all of them

  6. I'll gladly buy them all, just let me know when you can be on to trade!

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