A Faction Reborn /The Igneous Order (Sky Kin) application thread

  1. 10 months ago

    As quite a few people know I've set up a Faction called the Sky Kin in the past and each time it crashed and burned for various reasons. So im setting it up again under a different name The Igneous Order!!!. With the Banner being a Phoenix -image-.
    If you haven't heard of Sky Kin or if you didn't know what we did the basic aims of the faction remain the same, Trading, Exploration and Helping Fellow Players old and new.

    If your interested in Joining follow this template (Members of the old Sky kin will still have to make an application).

    In Game Name:

    Age: (Please note an age restriction of 16+ applies)

    Time Zone:



    Why you are Applying:

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): (for this section please type: "ticks?" when you are online in the server)

    Previous Teams and Factions you have been affiliated with:

    Do you prefer Team building or solo Building

    Custom Note (optional):

    Although the aims of the faction are largely pacifist PvP'ers and Combat Players applications will be treated with the same consideration as anyone else's applications.

    All applications can be placed in this thread or in a Private message to me

  2. Is this a Phoeix Rising Rip-Off?

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    @alarmgv12 Is this a Phoeix Rising Rip-Off?

    Nope just me choosing a different Classical Element for the name of the faction...And ive been gone awhile and made the banner before I knew Phoenix Rising was a thing

  4. wanna just join Pheonix mate? seeing as youre trying to jack our steez

  5. How is the geological term for rock formed by heat and pressure anything to do with phoenixes except my banner which I made before choosing a name?

  6. have a laff mate

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    Where did you find that banner? Planet minecraft?!? XD

  9. Pinterest

  10. 9 months ago

    if yall arent dead yet just lemme join

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    @TheForgotten20 if yall arent dead yet just lemme join

    What he said

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