Regarding Farmland light

  1. 6 months ago

    Hey guys, not sure if you noticed this, but when you make farmland, light source won't work.
    I've done this inside of my base and as soon as I removed a farmland block light level was 10.
    I farmed the block and the light level is 0.

    Same is outside where is my base and inside where I want to build an auto carrot and potato farm.
    This thing is bugged so don't waste your time building any sort of auto farms like these because they won't work.

    Outside farm is used for villager breeding and even if it's day, this fucking thing won't work.

    Just a heads up for anybody who is experiencing this. :)

  2. Not sure what problem you had with auto farm, but farmland has been that way for a long time if not always. The block will say light level 0, but mobs don't spawn on tilled land, so that wont be a problem. Some crops require light to grow, but you can't measure the light by standing on the tilled dirt.

  3. I thought that was a bug. I don't know, I'll try it again and tell ya how it is going. :)

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