Zacargo's Ban Appeal

  1. 7 months ago
    Edited 7 months ago by zacargo

    In Game Name: Zacargo

    Reason for your ban: Foul language

    Why should you be unbanned: Reason has been that I went with in the flow of RackDisiprine, but have tried to refrain from using foul language since I was warned by 2chill yesterday or the day before. If comments I've made were unwanted or unappreciated I'm sorry and I'd love to be unbanned. Many thanks for considering :)

  2. Hi Zacargo, yes, the comments you made yesterday were unwarranted, unappreciated, not tolerated and unwelcomed here. Your warning from 2Chill was a ruling, not a suggestion. Since it has been 24 hrs since you've appealed, and this is the first time you have been banned for violating our rules, you will be pardoned.

    Please make sure to carefully read our rules before coming back to the server.

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