lonewolf720's Ban Appeal

  1. 4 months ago
    Edited 4 months ago by Ryder

    In Game Name: lonewolf720

    Reason for your ban: says x-ray

    Why should you be unbanned: I honestly do not know how I am accused of x-raying. I literally started playing the server a couple of days ago and only log on to build stuff with my friends. I was talking to one of my friends before I got off about a chest that was hidden full of stuff that had been given to me in exchange for my time spent building the base up, this stuff included diamonds, shulker boxes, and diamond tools. I was talking to my friend about the disappearance of this chest when he hit me so I did ".home" and was crouching behind one of the tombstones in our graveyard as a joke when i was killed by a mod and sent to jail. i really dont understand how I was x-raying, or how it looked as if i was, please help me to understand.

  2. Hello, I am the administrator who swung down the proverbial gavel on you, see here at CraftyMynes we always take the use of x-ray or any type of cheating/hacking very seriously, so note evidence that was obtained earlier in the day was processed and thoroughly reviewed/evaluated by multiple staff after a very short deliberation it was agreed upon you were indeed cheating/hacking , the items you fore-mentioned had tainted items in them placed there by you, namely diamonds that you had gotten by use of downloaded assistance to illegitimately acquire and not the use of good old fashioned hard work and luck of the swing.Therefore these were swiftly removed before they could be dispersed in any fashion, keep in mind no damage was done to the residence you were at the time. I am sorry about your friend hitting you, friends should not physically harm each other no matter how heated the situation or altercation may be, I do hope in the future you two can work out your differences in a safe mature peaceful manner, however with that being said bans for cheating/hacking result in a permanent ban here at CraftyMynes , best of luck to you elsewhere.

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