Aeristacho Ban Appeal

  1. 4 months ago

    Title of the thread: Aeristacho Ban Appeal
    In Game Name: Aeristacho
    Reason for your ban: Chat Violation
    Why should you be unbanned: Im aware of a few of my warnings for chat violations but I'm not aware of my ban reason. Don't remember talking much this morning so cant have been today I figure. Would be nice to know!
    I understand some of the things I say are pressing hard on the boundaries of chat rules but I will assume that the reason for my ban was ridiculing another 17 y/o player which I understand wasn't called for. Its sometimes difficult divide the lines of play trash talking and actual trash talking and what I tend to say blends in well between these two. It wasnt a sincere heart felt confrontation. I see why its a negative thing to do, just casually playing and a tryhard mixing things up. My Bad. Ill try harder to not make what I say so confrontational or inappropriate.

  2. Edited 4 months ago by PapaNeon

    Hello, im the mod who banned you. Just for some clarification i banned you due to you saying "thats some gey shiet", not banter towards another player. Youve been warned plenty of times recently for chat violations in the form of kicks and verbal warnings.

    Theres a big difference between pushing the boundaries and straight up breaking the rules because you don't care.

    I was informed that youve said things along the lines of "papa and jace don't appreciate my innuendos" -implying youre aware youre going over that line- and "itll only be a 24 hour ban, not a big deal"

    In light of this, im making this a 3 day ban simply because i don't think a 24 hour ban will do anything of value.

    See you later.

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