Obryx's Ban Appeal

  1. 5 months ago
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    In Game Name: Obryx (i couldn't access my old forum account so I had to make a new one sorry!)

    Reason for your ban: Using xray to mine diamonds

    Why should you be unbanned:

    I don't even know if staff remembers me at this point, but it's worth a try. CraftyMynes is the only server I played in regularly before discovering (Removed). When I did, I found out I had what they called "vet queue"; aka I would jump ahead in queue of a lot of players to play on the server simply because I had logged in one time before a specific date in time. That got removed eventually and now wait times are ridiculous and it takes hours to get in. During my time on (Removed) I discovered hacked clients that allowed me to see blocks through other blocks (aka locate diamonds and such), and other features like seeing players behind me and their entire inventory. At this time I thought it was a bright idea to bring my knowledge onto CraftyMynes and just completely get myself banned. That was my intention and it worked. But now, after the "vet queue" got removed from (Removed), I feel like I haven't been able to enjoy Minecraft the same.

    I am sincerely sorry for messing up like that. I should not have pushed my limits and get myself banned. It was foolish and dumb, and I'm simply asking for forgiveness at this point. Whether you unban me or not is not in my hands to decide. I understand if you wish to keep me banned. Just know that I am no longer that kind of person, I would never bring hacks onto an innocent server for advantages like that again because it's in my interest to play Minecraft the way it's intended. I no longer visit (Removed) because I just cannot wait that long anymore to play in a hellish server.

    CraftyMynes is definitely a unique server and that's why I stuck around with it for a bit. The community is kick-ass and the vanilla gameplay is so refreshing. I do miss playing on it...

    Again, even if you keep me banned, thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully see my point of view. I wish you all the best.

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    The Admin who banned you is sadly no longer with us, so i'll go ahead and reply. It's sad that your wait times have gone through the roof. But unfortunately this does not negate the fact that you came here, used a modified client and ultimately got banned for doing so.

    We do not pardon hackers, no matter how long ago it was or how sorry they are for their actions.

    Best of luck,


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