Parkour building competition.

  1. 4 months ago


    A few of you might remember a while ago I held a boat building competition for the server. The winners of the competition had their creations placed in spawn and got VIP+ as a prize.

    I've decided to hold a different competition, this one will involve the construction of an entire parkour arena. There is no size limit (within reason no 1k block builds) and points will be awarded for difficulty, creativity and most beautiful levels.

    I'll likely select the top 4 to be used in spawn along with others for the release of our new parkour hub.

    If you are interested in building an arena, place your name and the names of your team mates in this thread. Also please have one person set a home in the arena to Parkour so I can check out its progress.


    1st place - 1/4 Server Bill
    2nd,3rd,4th - VIP+ 1 month.

    Submissions close 9th March 2019.


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