MrCaptian's Ban Appeal

  1. 2 months ago
    Edited 2 months ago by MrCaptian

    Username: MrCaptian

    Why did I get ban?: Not sure but may be spamming, ban reason says Reason: Other

    Why should I be unbanned:

    I think I got ban for spamming, my macro engined up, I accidently pressed G1(which is for macro key for LOGITECH G105 KEYBOARD)
    I couldn't understood what happened, I do not use any hacks or I didn't disrespect anybody on this server, I even voted for it. Please, I'm too desperate and I believe I'm not guilty. It instantly banned me out :(

  2. G'day,

    The server auto banned you. I got the emailed report it was not a macro and you and I both know what it is.

    Thanks for voting for the server but take yourself and your client elsewhere.


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