The end's my land ender shop

  1. 2 months ago

    Shulker boxes: 5 diamond each ( i can sell boxes or shells your choice)

    Elytras: 3 db if not enchanted ,3db and 4 diamonds for only mending and 4 db for fully enchanted elytra (mending+unbreaking III)

    Godpick: 15 diamonds (stock left 2)

  2. arrows (stack):1 dia

  3. If you want to buy any other item just ask (i may not have that item or sell it at higher prices )

  4. let me get those god picks I want both of them

  5. You selling end stone or chorus flowers?

  6. i would like to buy 12 shulker boxes

  7. k i'll keep thoses picks for you

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