Ban Appeal #2.

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    May 5 Suspended
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    In Game Name: Tyteus.

    Reason for your ban: X-raying / Chest-Esp.

    Why should you be unbanned: Hello there once again. Before we kick off this tendentious conversation. First I ask for permission to reply to my Ban Appeal, rather than them being automatically closed after a Staff members opinion (quite unjust.) Now I reviewed my previous ban appeals on my other account. It's seems I was trying to be nice and explaining, but I suppose the Staff like to share their unjust opinions.
    From the screen-shots I reviewed it was considered "x-ray." Now in-case you didn't know; "Minecraft X-Ray is a utility whose primary purpose is to aid in finding valuable ores and resources inside a Minecraft world." or digging straight to a ore, dungeon, base, chest, etc. As you can CLEARLY see in the screen-shots (quoted off: IfellintheVOID_) I am unfortunately not digging straight to / around to any ore's, dungeons, chests, etc. Or having any "aid." I have built a pretty simple strip mine. Now in-case you didn't know; "Strip mining is the practice of mining a seam of mineral by first removing a long strip of overlying soil and rock (the overburden). Here is photo graph (just in-case you didn't know) I have stated the facts of how each topics/strategies function. Now I will begin explaining the reason the strip mine is under-developed, why you assumed it was x-ray and to clarify any suspicions.

    The reason I didn't spend hours on end developing the strip mine fully, was simply the fact I made it as a temporary strip mine. Also not to mention the fact I got extremely lucky obtaining ore's I needed at that time, therefore needing no use for it anymore. Perhaps if the strip mine was fully developed, I would've never been banned in the first place. But since it's undeveloped, the reality of it SEEMS like x-ray, just because I never wanted to fully develop it. And because of Short Line's and stair cases I assume? But if it was long line's and perfectly dimensional with absolutely no stair-cases or modifications. I would be fine. But since it's a shock to the Staff seeing a strip-mine modified from its naked creation, it's automatically considered "X-ray?" Also to clarify any suspicions about the first photograph. I actually started to make another one in a different direction, hoping to obtain more valuables. But unfortunately I saw no way to expand it or lengthen it, so there was no further use for it. And I suppose that was considered "x-ray" as well? Now before any Staff start saying non-sense like "Oh I've heard these excuses from many hackers" or some other non-factual sentence, just to fill their reply... I am stating FACTS not excuses. I have stated facts about how both topics/strategies function. I have also proved I wasn't using "x-ray" just simply by stating a couple facts about both topics. And the "evidence" gathered by the Staff apparently is their "proof." When you can CLEARLY see a Strip Mine, rather than ACTUAL x-ray. So tell me, after you read and consumed all the facts about both topics, am I really using "x-ray" or am I legit? Because not in all my days and hours of playing this remarkable game, have I seen a player's strip mine considered as "x-ray." No matter the modifications or how it appears. In-fact I've seen strip mines on PS3 (which everyone knows Hacks or Cheats is non-existent on that console) go from a naked creation type to many wacky tunnels and stair cases. Just because it appears to be "x-ray" all because its not the good ole fashion strip mine you're used to seeing, does NOT make it x-ray. Now in-case you're so caught up in your thoughts about replying to my ban appeal with non-sense or an opinion, remember to state facts and also remember to give me permission to reply to this ban appeal please, as I've stated in the very beginning. G'day.

    PS: In-case my opinion/statements is any relevant to the Staff. The reason I took the time to put in so much effort and detail is because I find it rather maddening when I get hackusated, especially when I am a legit player. Also in-case you've decided not to give me permission to reply to this ban appeal, I will keep making ban appeals as my reply.

  2. Appeal denied.

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