DonCake's Staff Application

  1. 4 months ago

    In Game Name: DonCake

    Age: 29

    Time Zone: GMT+1 (Portugal)

    Strengths: Social, respectful, honest, open-minded, understanding. My friends say that I'm a good listener and a good advisor.
    In-game strengths - I consider myself a helpful person who gives information to both new and to returning people and I tend to do so when I can.
    Aside from that, in terms of gameplay, I believe I'm good at decorating and building cozy places :D

    Weaknesses: Later around this year, me and my brother will open a business together, and that might compromise my online time activity, but I hope not too much.

    Why you are Applying: CraftyMynes was my very first server and multiplayer experience back in 1.12. I changed my name a few times, but I was very active by that time and I believe I never broke any rule, especially to the extent of being banned. I grew fond of this server because I really enjoyed the non-toxic and chill environment, and even was able to made good friends (and still am making more :) ). My knowledge only grew as well, and it was very limited (in terms of game mechanics) in comparison to what it is at this moment after learning so much in CraftyMynes, so I would like to pass that knowledge to other players who might need too.
    That is, I consider CraftyMynes my Minecraft home and I would like to help on keeping it as great as it is!

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 28,186,152 (I believe I had some more before I changed my name, but I cannot recall)

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