1. 10 months ago
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    Xray/Chest esp thingy (no clue what that is)
    Im sorry, it was me just being dumb and mining a couple diamonds and coal. It was my fault, i have learned from this mistake and will never do this again. I am a nice person if you get to know me. I just needed coal im sorry. I just thought if i did it for a couple minutes it'd be fine. I have been mining randomly becasue i am bored most of the time. That may have made it seem like i am xraying (is that the term?). I just started yesterday. Just wanted some coal and a couple diamonds. Again, i have learned from this dumb mistake i have done and will never do it again, i am so sorry you had to waste your time with me being dumb. I am sorry for this inconvenience i have caused you. I should have known better than to try it out. I am sorry.
    Thanks for your time-Beo
    If it helps, any admin can take all the diamonds from me and i can just have my iron. I just really want to play this server. It is my favorite server.
    I really hope i can get onto this server, it is one of the funnest i have played in a few years. This server is awesome and gotten me back into playing minecraft.
    Thanks again

  2. Beoro,
    I am the Mod that banned you. Let me start by quoting from our rules:

    Any form of cheating will not be tolerated - This means anything that gives you an unfair advantage over players who are playing the game the way the game was intended to be played. This includes but is not limited to: non-approved clients (hacked clients, minimaps), abusing in-game glitchs (duping, 0-tick farms, x-ray, breaking bedrock) and xray texture packs.

    I understand that you claim to have been only getting some coal and diamonds. However, I have never seen someone so psychic as to be able to walk or run a path, come to a dead stop, turn and mine diamonds 3-6 walls deep, 3-4 levels up or down. You were witnessed doing this several times only where there were diamonds. It's not coincidence.
    The offense you have committed comes with a lifetime ban as punishment.
    I wish you well on another server, however this appeal is irrevocably denied.

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