Falsely banned

  1. 5 months ago

    Uhhh... I was just banned from CraftyMynes for "Proxy/VPN" even though I have never used a Proxy or a vpn It was practically instant but I am very confused because I was just going to check if my friend was online and I was IP banned. I dont believe I should be banned because I do not use a VPN or Proxy.

  2. We were being raided and it will be looked into asap, were sorry for any inconvienence

  3. Hello, as you may have seen, we were getting quite a few bots from this spammer. To stop him, I had turned up our VPN/Proxy detection threshold. Your IP was detected as VPN and had a fraud score of 75, both of which triggered the auto-ban system. I can't tell you what you have done to get a fraud rating as it is beyond my control. I have lowered the threshold a bit and pardoned you. Sorry for the trouble.

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