UTBeefies Ban Appeal

  1. 8 months ago


    7 Sep 2019

    In Game Name = UTBeefies
    Reason = Other

    I’ve been reading the ban appeals and determined I was caught up in attacks on 9/6, and banned for putting a number in chat. Someone asked “what was that sound” I replied “Atari 2600” and was banned.

    I came to the forums and created a UTBeefies account, it was suspended. I tried a different name “Beef” it was suspended too. IP ban? I checked my IP fraud rating, it’s 0%.

    So I’m on a different device & network appealing. Please unban “UTBeefies” and delete “beef” and “beefies” accounts from the forums.

  2. Yes I think you have indeed been caught up in the attacks and banned by mistake.
    This will need Crafty to sort out, and i am sure he will do so as soon as he gets a chance.

  3. Your email used for the "UTBeefies" account has a count of 255 used for forum spam. Using sharklasers.com based emails like you did on your "beef" account is an instant auto suspend. None of your IP's were considered spam/fraud. Your MC account has been unbanned and Forum account unsuspended. I have deleted the other ones. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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