AwesomeArryn1234’s Ban Appeal

  1. last year

    Minecraft username: AwesomeArryn1234

    Reason for ban: xraying

    Reason for unban: First of all, if I don’t get unbanned I understand but I don’t know how long ago this was but one day I logged on and someone had taken every single thing I have even my crafting table no idea why but I got so annoyed and wanted to get my stuff back so I installed an X-ray thing and used it. This was when I was younger and now I know how stupid I was to do that because craftymynes is an amazing server and there is no server that is like this. Thank you for reading this and if I’m not unbanned I understand

  2. Hi! Thanks for your appeal and your honesty. I actually do appreciate it. Here on CraftyMynes, we do not unban accounts that have hacked or used an exploit, but if you would like to come on an alt, you are more than welcome and we would enjoy having you back!

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