_Ikion_'s ban appeal

  1. 8 months ago
    Edited 8 months ago by _Ikion_

    Name in game : _Ikion_

    Reason of ban : X-ray

    Why should I be unbanned : Sorry for my english. I have been banned of this server 2 months ago because I was using X-ray. I am really sorry about what I did. I was looking for a survival minecraft server and I found this one which was looking good. I wasted a lot of time in this server with builds and others. I didn't found an other server which was better than this one so I would like to come back on this server where I had a lot of fun that I can't find on other servers. I had no reason to use X-ray, I just wanted to farm faster but it wasn't the best idea I ever had. I am not a cheater, just a lazy guy who doesn't want to waste his time on farming ores. I am really really sorry about what I did and i wont do it again. Please let me have an other chance..
    Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

  2. Good Morning, I am the mod that banned you. While I greatly appreciate you admitting to using x-ray, any form of cheating will not be tolerated. I wish you the best of luck on other servers, but your appeal is denied.

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