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  1. 7 months ago

    You guys knew this was coming...

    In Game Name: srakath

    Age: 37

    Time Zone: Pacific (PDT)

    Strengths: I have monitored and maintained servers of various types for over a decade, both personally and professionally. In the military I built and maintained top secret storage, exchange, and SIPRnet servers. Working for one of the top U.S. Defense contractors I ensured that servers and systems remained up and running for science labs that developed our newest tank and missile system technology. I maintained IT networks for oil refineries, and every node connected to the local power grid, which spanned across several states, and included over forty power plants, nine of which nuclear. I understand that this is different from a Minecraft server, but not completely. They are both similar entities, and they require the same amount of attention, regard, and respect (if you're doing it right). I treat my server duties like a job, even though they are still a hobby.
    I have also staffed Minecraft servers. About eight years ago I joined one of the top Minecraft servers on MCSL, and began learning how to play. I eventually caught the eye of the staff, who gave me the opportunity to help moderate (there were no applications). I quickly rose through the ranks, and eventually became the server's owner. I don't want to do that again lol.
    I learned a lot of things about Minecraft's internal workings, and about plugins. Most importantly, however, I learned how to deal with players, in positive and negative situations. Eventually I found that I did not need admin commands to take care of disputes and conflicts. Most things can be remedied with nothing more than words. I lost the need for status, and I made my rank appear as though I was the lowest newbie. I did this so that I would be on-level with the common player. The server became whatever my players wanted, and I felt as though I was not a commander, but simply a leader. Eventually, I changed the top ranks name from "Overlord" (the original name) to "Trusted Servant" as I felt that I was there for my players, not the other way around. I wish to serve the players of CraftyMynes.
    I have staffed two other worthy servers, and I have never been reprimanded. They never completely felt right for me, though.
    I think this interaction with the common player became my greatest strength. I do not feel above my constituents. I do not feel the need to prove myself. I am able to meet my players and keep them on even ground. If done correctly, I can keep the flow of the server on par using only the respect and friendship that I have earned from the player base. I pay close attention to each player's game, and strive to keep it whole and uninterrupted. My biggest strength is the way in which I interact.
    Also I'm good at washing dishes.

    Weaknesses: I am rusty. It took several years to find another server that I truly liked. During that time I missed a few things. These Elytras are new to me, and I had to learn what an totem was. I know nothing of command blocks.
    If you have seen me around you may have heard me egging on other players. This may appear to be a negative trait, but it was my way of focusing their attention on me, to spare others. That is a new strategy, and it is one that I would certainly drop immediately. I would have better things to do.

    Why you are Applying: First and foremost, to help. The server can use others of like mind. I care about this server, and I am still a couple of weeks away from being able to donate. I can at least offer my experience.
    For myself, I miss the game that I once played. For me, staffing a Minecraft Server IS THE GAME. I've simply never played Minecraft without quickly becoming part of the team. Playing it from the other side makes me feel lost. I find myself just wandering around, listening to chat, with no clear goal in mind. This confused me at first, until I realized that in my head I was still doing the same thing I had always done, wandering around, completely disregarding my own bases and projects, and looking for issues to fix... except this time I can't fix them. This feels alien to me.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes: 10,474,119 ticks. Yes, I applied as soon as I possibly could. I'm completely up front with that.

    Custom Note (optional): I have never raided anyone, never griefed, and I have no enemies (though I have been trying to lure team eye, to spare others lol). That's it. I've yapped enough.

  2. Thank you for your application

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