shepherda's staff application

  1. 8 months ago

    shepherda’s Staff Application

    In Game Name: shepherda

    Age: 17

    Timezone: EST/ Southern US

    Strengths: I have been playing on CraftyMynes now for a while, and call this server my home. I know pretty much all of the long-time players, and get along with pretty much everyone who is nice. I am very helpful, and actually want to be a cop after I graduate high school. I am on a lot, when I am not I am probably in chemistry class, so I will be able to help those who need it very quickly. I am also very dependable. If anyone needs a friend to just sit and listen to them, I do that. I have a job at Arby’s, which has taught me a lot about customer service, and how to handle situations. So I will be very experienced when it comes to breaking up fights, or mean players. Overall, I think I would be a very nice, patient, and dependable helper.

    Weaknesses: I do have bad anxiety, and some situations that are big, stress me out easily. I will try my best to handle them, before getting a higher rank/ other helper involved. I do have a bit of a temper as well. But I can be easily calmed down, and it takes a bit to get me to be angry. Also I am literally terrible at math and redstone. And pvp is just terrible. I suck at that.

    Why Am I Applying: I am applying for the helper position, because I love to help people. It makes me feel great when I help someone, and they return the favor and help others. I do not ask for anything in return for helping people, and will help them with issues outside of the server if it really is bugging them. Basically, I love this server, and the staff have done so much for me, and I would love to help keep the reputation of the server’s nice staff. I would also love to give back to the CraftyMynes community for not giving up on me, and helping them in return.

    Number of Ticks: 10,018,564

    Custom Note: Thank you guys for always being there for me. And thank you for taking time to consider my application. I love y’all and this server so much! <3

  2. Thank you for your application

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