Yuno's Ban Appeal

  1. 3 months ago

    In Game Name: Yuno

    Reason for your ban: Language

    Why should you be unbanned: The rules state to not use extreme derogatory terms or epithets, which I didn't. "hoes mad" is no where near an "extreme derogatory term," especially not when I'm talking to a friend that has no problem with it. I've been saying it every time I play and this is the first time someone has had a problem with it. In a server were raiding and pvp is allowed, saying "hoes mad" should not be a problem.

  2. Edited 3 months ago by PapaNeon

    The rules also state " Please listen to staff members. In order to keep the server safe, staff reserve the right to add, modify and patch rules."

    Looks like you still don't quite understand that you cannot say what you want because "your friend didn't find it bothersome", so you can remain banned until you understand why you've been banned in the first place.

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