RykillYT's Ban Appeal 2.0 (The truth)

  1. 2 months ago
    Edited 2 months ago by Coolio

    Name: RykillYT
    Reason for ban: Chat filter (Other)
    Why you should be unbanned: I apologize for a second appeal, but this time I will admit that I was using a hacked client. I only did use it for fullbright and I just hopped on the server to have a couple of laughs with my friend. I'm not very familiar with any hacked clients, and while browsing the menus after suggested to by said friend, I clicked the chat spam hack, not expecting it to ban me instantly. I was going to turn it right on and off to see how fast it spammed. I had no malicious intent on this server, and I apologize for hacking. If you are going to ask me "Why did you turn it on in the first place?" Then I have one answer: I did not know the hacked client because I do not hack often. I installed it just to mess with my friends and my friend and I started going through servers to see which ones had anti-cheat that was very strong, and anti-cheat that was weak. We did this so we could inform staff members that the anti-cheat needed an update or something. My friend was able to get MAJOR height with DoubleJump (i think it's called... it's the hack where you can jump in the air) and as he described "maximum speed" speedhack. I do not intend to hack on this server. I was banned and now I genuinely just feel like I should've played more, because I wanted a good survival server.

    I understand that you don't usually unban cheaters, but I am really sorry and tbh i probably won't play that much. Staying banned will make me feel guilty. I'm sorry if anyone feels like I am pressuring the mods.

  2. G'day,

    This was a much improved appeal, I can see that even some effort went into it. First off I would like to thank you for not continuing your lies from the previous appeal. At this point I have more or less heard every excuse under the sun for hacking. It would probably suprise you how many get reused and it's boring.

    99.9% of the time if we ban you for hacking the person is a hacker. There's no reason to lie to us like we're idiots, lying isn't going to convince me you aren't a hacker. All it tells me is that even if I were to pardon you I can't trust you to keep to your word, since you have already lied to me once.

    So in summary, while I greatly appreciate your being honest in this appeal, my previous decision will hold.

    Your appeal is denied on the grounds of using a hacked client. I do wish you all the best in your search for a new server.


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