SarinC4H10FO2P's ban appeal

  1. 7 weeks ago
    Edited 7 weeks ago by The_Maser

    I have been banned because Nysic thinks my in game name is inflammatory.

    Why I should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because I have not broken any rules stated on the rules tab and have the freedom to choose any name that would not be censored by Mojang themselves when the name is picked. There is no stated rule against names or their content stated on this website and this is Nysic deciding for themself what is deemed acceptable, not the stated rules. If a admin is meant to enforce rules, then they should only enforce those stated for the players to follow, not their own.

  2. Edited 7 weeks ago by Nysic


    I have previously explained that your name (being the chemical formula for a chemical weapon and outlawed substance) was inappropriate for the server. You changed your name and then recently you made the decision to change it back. So now we are back to you being banned again until you change it.

    No inappropriate Names/Skins
    This includes your name, item name, name tags, nude skins, body part skins, subjective skins, etc. If asked by staff to change something you have/use because of this, please do so!

    There is the rule you broke. You can make a new appeal once you change your name to something more server appropriate. Also as a side note, you agree to follow the rules of this server when you play here. If you do not wish to follow our rules, you can play somewhere else.


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