Imperfectpenguins ban appeal #3

  1. 7 weeks ago


    Banned for killing my friend with a ink sack called "dick sack" Oh and Slainte_Alainn I under stand your point it was pretty childish of us.

    I think i should be unbanned because it was a joke but now that i think about it its not that funny another reason is I love your server and im not just saying that and again it was childish <3

  2. That's a bit better.

    You've been here a long while, long enough to know that you can't just say or do whatever because you think it's funny. If it's against the rules, don't do it. Easy as that.

    You'll be unbanned in 3 days. I hope that when you come back, you'll come back willing to listen to us when we say not to do something.

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