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    Welcome to the Nexus initiative

    Here at nexus we value the improvement of oneself and the advancement of the community.
    We look forward to consistently work with our members to improve our quality of life and further our collective knowledge.
    Destroying others out of mere spite is condemned and frowned upon. As a civilized, organized, and mature community, we instead encourage alliances and business opportunities and value nice builds.
    Though we stand by our morals, we will not hesitate to defend what is ours and raise arms in dangerous times.
    Wise fearless warriors we are.

    The Plan ™:

    A centralized hub with the group’s resources will be made available, where members will be asked to contribute and will be free to build (at chosen spots). However, we still encourage players to have their own main bases hidden somewhere else, to limit the damages done by hostile raids.

    We believe maturity can be acquired early, many times has history shown us young minds can be wiser, thus there is no age restriction to join Nexus. But you still have to prove yourself.

    How to apply:

    Currently, group members are secret, and The Plan ™ is still in a work in progress.
    You can send in your interest at groupnexus.craftymynes@hotmail.com
    Please include your in game name.
    Prospects will be contacted when more of our foundations will have been laid.

    Thank you for your time and interest

    To the future of CraftyMynes!

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  5. i like this idea

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