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    Jun 22 Suspended
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    Reason of ban: chat violation

    Why I should be unbanned, Hello, If you are PapaNeon that's reading this please understand that I was using caps because sometimes I am excited and angry, that's why I was using caps, I am very sorry, I promise I will not use it again, Please unban me it would really help. Also Im sorry for annoying you in the discord server it was because I really wanted to get unbanned. also PapaNeon I hope you understand me about my ban appeal and please reply if you can PapaNeon if you are a member that's friends with PapaNeon please tell him about my ban appeal ok that's it for today also hi cyquest can you tell Papaneon about my ban appeal because your a mod

    Thank you cyquest, can you send the link of the discord server to me?
    My discord: DreamXD#4590

    And I will improve my chat skills ASAP

  2. I am the moderator of the server who banned you.

    You were warned in game & kicked from the server by staff about a dozen times for your constant violation of using caps. While a minor offense, it becomes quite tiresome of staff to be repeating themselves. You know where the caps lock key is, and you continued to choose using it. Understand that it is considered poor etiquette for the main in-game chat to constantly be using this methodology to communicate, and over time can or will be considered spam to the server, as well as an annoyance to users.

    Please reference the Rules of our Server posted here in the forums and brush up on your chat skills before you return.

    You will be unbanned from the server in 24 hours from this notification post.

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