Kills1 detailed report.

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Title of the thread: Report on kills1.

    Reason for reporting the player: G'day, I am here on behalf of a report that was displayed on discord. A player by the name kills1 was apparently caught on video using a hack. I am good at spotting out details and I noticed a few things you might have missed... Now kills1 & I were discussing the situation and he says that is wasn't a hack, it was a "visual glitch" don't take any disrespect but I cannot believe you felt for his mischief. Hackers will do anything they can to make it seem like they didn't cheat, even though clearly the evidence speaks for itself. No human opinion nor perspective is more superior than video proof. With that being said I would like to discuss all the details I've witnessed within the video. Okay at the very beginning, you'll see them land between the wood slab and the grass block 1x above their feet. Watch very closely.. notice they hover/levitate above the grass block within a second of landing and then fly very close to the ground. And if kills1 used "elytra" as they said, you would've seen a colorful/white trail of firework particles left behind regardless of any sort of "elytra visual glitch" (because fireworks are entirely a different item) and its not possible to hover/levitate and then fly. And its not fall damage either, fall damage doesn't make you bounce. Gravity is gravity. If you watched very closely, you can clearly see a different between falling/landing vs hovering/jumping as kills1 demonstrated in the video. Okay now after that, notice how they slowly fly upward at the same speed. First of all, its not possible to fly upward with such speed using an elytra without rockets. Even if they did use rockets, they would've shot up in the air a lot more faster than their current speed. It couldn't be lag because the iron golems and the rain aren't telegraphing. For those of you who watched the original video, with better quality could clearly see it wasn't lagging (if remembered correctly). So it couldn't be lag and it couldn't be a glitch... I haven't seen a glitch in 1.16.2 posted on reddit, planet minecraft or any other known news pages for Minecraft. Regardless of any glitch or lag.. the 0 rocket particles, the hovering, and the velocity speed he was using just doesn't add up to be legit. This is just what I noticed throughout the clip and I thought I'd share my wisdom on it :D

    Sustainable Proof/Evidence: (sorry for bad quality)

  2. Pretty sure youve already been told to drop it. Its a visual bug. Chill.

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