fishhead261's Ban Appeal

  1. 6 months ago
    Edited 6 months ago by fishhead261

    In Game Name: fishhead261
    Reason for my ban: Not listening to staff (Lavacasting over 0,0)
    Why I should be unbanned:
    This lavacast took me 3 hours to make, and yes I did ignore repeated warnings from admins to not lavacast over 0,0. I wasn't checked on and I did just that. I'm sorry.

    In making this lavacast, I did for a time bring the server together for a bit of a laugh and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves (except for the mods and admins). That makes sense as they did have to remove my mess. I believe I should be unbanned because this is my first offence on the server (I have 3.8 million ticks) and I won't repeat it. I believe some players were willing to start a petition to unban me but we'll see. I am sorry for ignoring the admins and mods. Like I said, this won't happen again. I have been a long time player on this server and I thought it would be a bit of a laugh, despite ignoring rules. I'm sorry for pissing you off, I understand that was annoying to sort out and required a /time set day command.



  2. I Cleared the first lava cast that you built. you watched me do it. and then, you made another one as soon as i left. Disobeyed a very simple request about a single thing to not do and maliciously ignored the staff members in general.

    The problem you create that pissed us off wasnt the mess of cobble. Its the strain you put on the server itsself and causing problems for people who arent even involved.

    against my personal judgment, its been decided your ban is 3 days, since its a first offence.

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