Why was i banned lol

  1. 6 weeks ago

    I am partly confused as to what happened in the past 5 mins

    i live in europe, greece to be exact, we have shitty internet. first thing that happens is i try to mine, and i get warped back to where i was a few secs ago, this is normal, happens all the time for me, so i try to go to where i found some ore. i dont strip mine cause it is boring, i mine in fancy directions and stuffs. then i get insta killed by some guy with red text (lvu if you are reading this) and tpped to some killing chamber, i couldnt quite read anything cause i was being killed, but i saw some guy say i was Xrayin and i asked why, an admin (lvu too) said they never did accuse me, and probable took what i said as enough proof to kick me.

    wow, quite the experience that was, love your chamber thing btw, but it does make convo rather hard.

    look forward to hearing your response, thank you for your time

  2. Your ping was perfectly fine, and yes you were indeed mining in a direction, down down down.

    Appeal denied.

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