Mechazoider's Ban Appeal

  1. 2 weeks ago
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    Mechazoider's Ban Appeal

    In Game Name: Mechazoider formally Mechinode

    Reason for your ban: X-ray

    Why should you be unbanned:
    It has been over a year or more exact 16 months. And I would again like to apologize for my reckless disregard for the rule and fair play on the vanilla server. I did something disgusting in the eyes of the Admins and Owner. I am making this second attempt at this appeal. And wish to continue gaming with you all. on Fair and equal terms. No cheating no vision hacking.
    You may watch me all you wish.
    I have no plans on doing anything wrong ever again.
    And I know the crime was a major one. and you may just snub your noses at this appeal.
    But even in IRL criminals can be reformed.
    I wish to be an adult about this. More so in regards to how childish I was at the beginning.
    So I place myself before your mercy.
    And pray for forgiveness.

    p.s~ I am already back in server I am just trying to get this account unbanned

    I see the response from Bambbin. Thats' fine. I will not give away the secondary account's name then. As it would also be banned for just existing.

  2. Hello! It would seem that your account has been banned for x-ray/chest esp. Unfortunately, we do not pardon accounts that were banned for cheating regardless of how long it has been since being banned. Best of luck elsewhere!

  3. Just for clarification, your second account wont be banned unless you break the rules. Just the mechinode account will remain banned.

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