Epicgamerboi800 ban appeal

  1. 2 weeks ago

    I was banned for Lying to an Admin

    so basically it was a normal day i was mining for Netherite. i could not find any and i was super bored and chat was empty "no one was using it" so i wanted to try to hype up the chat so i said "is X-raying allowed?" I was just asking because i wanted people to start using chat. But still no one used chat and like usual everyone ignored me. Though I did not give up so i kept trying but i went to far saying "i know someone that uses hacks on this server" i did not think the admin would care but than he said "if you don't tell me who the hacker is I will ban you. So i was in a tough corner since that i new that no one in my entire life uses hacks i had nothing to say so i just stood quiet with nothing to say but eventually i was banned.

    Reason to be unbanned. because I really love the server and I know what I did wrong so I will make sure It does not happen again.

  2. last week


    I was the Admin who banned you. I gave you plenty of time to tell me who your "friend" was that you so adamantly claimed was using a hacked client on the server. Your response to this was "the name of my friend is".

    Hacking is something we take extremely seriously withholding knowledge of someone hacking will get you banned. If you are found colluding with a hacker you will be banned and lastly if you claim to be hacking even as a joke you will be banned.

    I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one and let you off easy. But if this happens again or if you are found to be lying you will be permanently banned.

    You will be pardoned in 24hrs from this post.


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