Ban appeal: spam

  1. last week
    Edited last week by SykoYT

    Ban reason: chat spamming

    It was today when I first set my respawn point in a bed, but a full netherite guy covered it with obsidian and lava, so everytime I respawned I died (no way out).

    I think I should be unbanned because the spam was becuase I needed someone to save me and I panicked. Got banned after spamming a few messages asking for help.
    I've been playing on this server for 2 weeks and I really enjoy/ed it.

    Minecraft username: SykoYT

  2. G'day,

    Spawn killing and camping is allowed to a certain point. I can understand your panic however you still broke the rules by repeatedly spamming the chat.

    Since it's your first offence I'll pardon you in 24hrs time from now.


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