will i keep my stuff?

  1. 6 weeks ago

    Hello i got banned on your server and made an appeal and i'm getting unbanned in 2 days but i was just wondering if i would keep all my stuff i had before i got banned... because i had full enchanted diamond armour and i don't really wanna lose it.?

  2. Edited 6 weeks ago by hekmo

    Yep. They don't mess with your inventory. You just get temporarily blocked from coming on the server.

    Unless you were hacking, then they delete any illicit items, but it's a moot point b/c you'd be permabanned at that point anyway.

  3. Yes. You will be at the same spot as you were with all the items you had in your inventory right before the ban took place

  4. Anything you had at your base can get raided, that is if someone has found it

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