1. 5 months ago

    I was banned by Blackened Dawn 5-14-21 11:14. mintues after MrGardenOrnanament was banned. I was banned because MrGardenOrnament also previously known as GnomeChild was banned and not allowed on the server ever. However i was not aware. Until right when was i was banned. I feel like this was an unfair ban. I noticed Blackenddawn Was extremely angry towards MrGardenOrnament so i figure he did something wrong and i understand NOW he was not allowed on the server. But I was not aware up to the point he was banned. I enjoy playing on CraftyMynes. Ive Had no problems with staff since ive been playing since 2016 from username FlyingNarwhal_ up to now username Bear3m. I hope that I will be able to play on the server again. I do apologize to Dawn. Like i said I was not aware of his wrong doings.

  2. You've been a long time player on this server, you have interacted with gnome in the past with you were in Flux's gang, and the comment right before I jailed him was "Don't ban him, he's good now", implying knowledge.

    This will be a 3 day ban starting from this post.

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