smeyers's ban appeal

  1. 5 months ago


    not reporting

    I take this ban as a time to reflect on all of my actions. First of all I will address the reporting incident.
    What I knew: GardenOrnament was an old mod who told me he was banned for "not being good staff and breaking chat rules along with killing a hacker in spectator"
    I had no prior knowledge of GnomeChild.
    I admit that I should have seen the red flags. I had more knowledge than the rest of the banned players and I take full responsibility. Bear3m, 97cent, and Toonboon had less knowledge about the incident than I did. I am fully to blame for this occurrence. I majorly fucked up with this one.

    Second of all I will take this time to address all my infractions recently. I have not been the best player and I am sorry for this. I will take this as a lesson and stick to better etiquette moving forward. I appreciate all the hard work the staff put in and I am sorry for not being a good citizen of the server. This was a wake up call.

  2. You will be pardoned 3 days from this post, taking the blame off your buddies won't lower their punishment.

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