Gelta's VPN Ban Appeal

  1. 11 months ago
    Edited 11 months ago by Gelta

    My ingame name is Gelta too.

    I should know by now not to try and log on to the server with a VPN on, but today I did.

    I honestly forgot about the measures against ban evasions. Im sorry to be a nuasance but can someone help? Im not currently banned for anything else and would like to keep playing here.

    EDIT: Now that im pondering my forgetfulness I realise I logged in the other day with my VPN on too. I should probably explain that Craftymynes is the only thing I actually turn my VPN off for these days. Having not logged in for a while until the other day, I was totally out of the habbit of disabling it. Again, sorry for the hassle. I guess I should have a pinned note somewhere.

  2. Pardoned.

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