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    PonZe started the conversation PonZe's Ban Appeal .

    Ign : PonZe

    Why I was banned : "you have been Ip banned" false assumption on being apart of duping

    why should I be unbanned : Let me just start off by defining injustice, “lack of fairness or justice”.
    How is it even possible to be banned for duping, when I literally took no part in duping any items of any kind. I’ve been playing on this server for two years and have not played this game illegitimately ever.
    How can I be banned for duping when yes, I was at a dupers base, did I know what he was doing? Did I receive any duped items? iclutchHD – Today at 2:12 PM we’ve been investigating a lot recently and we found you to be a part of the group that was getting duped items
    What the hell? How is this even possible when a) didn’t dupe a thing and there is NO evidence on me actually duping, nor is there even a group that was getting or got duped items.
    If I even was, did you find any on my possession? How can you prosecute me for duping when a) you did not even catch me cheating in any way shape or form and b) own no duped items
    The only 1 duped item I knew about was a beacon that I gave to Qfu which at the time I didn’t know was even what was duped and as soon as I did, I told flux and he told staff for me.
    Regardless of that, being in association with Fireburst_101 I was just at his/her base for simply, another raid. So if the only case that you have that my association with “being a part of a group receiving duped items” is that I was present at Fireburst_101’s base to raid the place then I can safely assume that you also banned all the other persons present at the same time as me? Here I took a moment out of my day to compile a list of everyone I saw at this base: Argail, javonjw, JaceNeedsCoffee, Fluxated, Grassling, Dank_Dragon, 1Lysander (who even lived at the base prior to the raid so how could he possibly not be part of this so called “group receiving duped items”), Crobust, iwarriiori, Terryblack and others I don’t even remember.
    It’s unbelievable to think being a player for so long that I don’t even get to have a say in being innocent and falsely banned but, this sums up what I was doing there and who else was there and I look forward to hopefully seeing some evidence that I know you do not have but being sincere, at least give me a chance to appeal my innocence as being a straight player (yes toxic) but straight down the line, I think I deserve that.

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    what if we don't do anything for a living? but yeah I'm a stripper :3 Ask fluxated ;)

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    u fuckin wot m8

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    I should totally make a yt channel

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    I don't mind helping (:

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