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  1. 5 months ago
    Thu Dec 21 19:40:30 2017

    ay you got alt in btw im still active just rarely

  2. 6 months ago
    Fri Dec 8 21:00:21 2017

    @Sofatroll As part of a large facfion's leadership I say: Helping random people aint our frkn job. We aint the salavation-army, are we? We are helpful enough by not raiding all the people we possibly could with our resources and manpower.

    That statement apply's to all but team eye. :)

  3. Fri Dec 1 07:11:28 2017
    DoppyRex posted in CraftyMynes YouTube Series!.

    yep probably mine

  4. Mon Nov 27 19:36:18 2017
    DoppyRex posted in What are you Thankful for?.

    On a Less serious note. Im thankful for my life.
    More serious note. Im thankful that i have had the opportunity given to me unlike some people in the world and that i have a chance to make it somewhere other people don't have the chance to make it to. Honestly im thankful for every opportunity or resources that i have had. The fact alone i have the funds to supply myself with more than food and shelter is amazing.

  5. Mon Nov 27 19:12:41 2017
    DoppyRex posted in Singleplayer Adventures.

    Sounds like a good day.

  6. 7 months ago
    Wed Nov 15 06:58:02 2017
    DoppyRex posted in 100million ticks giveaway .

    thanks zevy

  7. Mon Nov 13 18:58:53 2017
    DoppyRex posted in 100million ticks giveaway .

    I nominate Nerdie becuase he has stayed strong through a ton of trolling :)

  8. Sun Nov 12 06:23:09 2017
    DoppyRex posted in Team Eye Mercenary Services.

    thanks for the protection at cube wars @SharpSerac and @iwarriiori

  9. Sat Nov 11 18:13:31 2017
    DoppyRex posted in Cube wars (Pvp).

    i aint got a clue but it going live as soon as i join back

  10. Sat Nov 11 17:48:18 2017
    DoppyRex posted in Cube wars (Pvp).

    cube wars delayed by 30 minutes i have to eat

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