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  1. 5 months ago
    Thu Jun 28 17:33:23 2018

    it did have a windmill also a town square and a mine?

  2. Wed Jun 27 17:09:59 2018

    @iwarriiori Im not trying to say that griefing shouldn't be allowed but i'm interested in what you enjoy about it other than the fact of blowing stuff up why do you do it? Also you raided DraconHoff Once i rebuilt it again you been back yet?

  3. Wed Jun 27 16:54:58 2018
    DoppyRex posted in See you soon! .

    This seems really confusing

  4. 11 months ago
    Thu Dec 21 19:40:30 2017

    ay you got alt in btw im still active just rarely

  5. last year
    Fri Dec 8 21:00:21 2017

    @Sofatroll As part of a large facfion's leadership I say: Helping random people aint our frkn job. We aint the salavation-army, are we? We are helpful enough by not raiding all the people we possibly could with our resources and manpower.

    That statement apply's to all but team eye. :)

  6. Fri Dec 1 07:11:28 2017
    DoppyRex posted in CraftyMynes YouTube Series!.

    yep probably mine

  7. Mon Nov 27 19:36:18 2017
    DoppyRex posted in What are you Thankful for?.

    On a Less serious note. Im thankful for my life.
    More serious note. Im thankful that i have had the opportunity given to me unlike some people in the world and that i have a chance to make it somewhere other people don't have the chance to make it to. Honestly im thankful for every opportunity or resources that i have had. The fact alone i have the funds to supply myself with more than food and shelter is amazing.

  8. Mon Nov 27 19:12:41 2017
    DoppyRex posted in Singleplayer Adventures.

    Sounds like a good day.

  9. Wed Nov 15 06:58:02 2017
    DoppyRex posted in 100million ticks giveaway .

    thanks zevy

  10. Mon Nov 13 18:58:53 2017
    DoppyRex posted in 100million ticks giveaway .

    I nominate Nerdie becuase he has stayed strong through a ton of trolling :)

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