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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Dec 31 11:36:48 2020
    LogantheCaveman started the conversation LogantheCaveman's staff application.

    In Game Name: LogantheCaveman

    Age: 25

    Time Zone: EST

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I played for awhile starting back in 1.8 till about 1.10. I like the community and the lack of limits on pvp and such. I wouldn't mind if there were fewer not so survival features but that's just my opinion other people enjoy them I get that. As far as strengths and weaknesses, one of my best traits is I'm persistent as hell when putting work into something. On the flip side though I can be a bit stubborn and reluctant to try new things

    Why you are applying: I'm applying both because and with the encouragement and insistence of a few friends, and because I'm familiar with the server to a fair extent and tend to do little else these days than play mc and I usually am just mining obby and watching chat. I play all through the night because I work 2nd shift(I'm usually on from 1:30 am to 8-9am) so I'm on when few staff tend to be. so to sum it up I wanna help out and wouldn't mind that gold name either lol.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 17,333,009

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it: I would like to be more open to trying new things and more self assure to do so.

    Any additional information or notes: Thank you for your consideration.

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Dec 19 16:58:19 2020
    LogantheCaveman started the conversation this guy!.


  3. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Dec 8 18:58:37 2020

    not typically no.

  4. Mon Dec 7 14:32:06 2020

    As promised the after almost 10k obsidian from all this

    link text

  5. Mon Dec 7 03:42:02 2020
    LogantheCaveman started the conversation Video tour of the lava "pool" I'm about to mine up.

    As the title read this is the before video get back to you guys with an after when I'm done

    link text

  6. 4 years ago
    Thu Nov 24 10:50:03 2016
    LogantheCaveman posted in An Important Announcement....

    anyway im done wasting my time on you dawn have fun, be safe, have a good night.

  7. Thu Nov 24 10:47:18 2016
    LogantheCaveman posted in An Important Announcement....

    the bullshit i speak of....? "we aren't planning on resetting and if we do it won't be for awhile" yup that ones not tossed around daily and is never true( so you dont bring it up again im not talking about the reset to come) "we need new players to keep running" ive already gone over this if you disagree fine idc dawn good for you beleive that and have fun with those needed ever so important new players whining about me killing and griefing them im sure it will be no burden since they are so vital. what exactly are you trying to say with my quote "who said you had a god complex? i never said any names, feeling defensive?" are you trying to say that its bs? cause id like to know how. also are you trying to fault me for not knowing names of every player who has ever joined since i did but either did or didn't stay? as for the last bit :) tell me you didn't/arent tried/trying to get me banned. i wont believe you but still pls say it! thankfully dawn you don't have absolute power so you cant just ban anyone without a reason crafty would approve since then you wouldn't have what power you do and that would just ruin that god complex of yours. also idk the stats but i'm sure a sizable percentage of players who have joined have been banned and i'm a little curious as to those stats now.

  8. Thu Nov 24 10:17:51 2016
    LogantheCaveman posted in An Important Announcement....

    if i could remember the ign's of other players that are better examples of a good community that were on when i first joined i would list them but that was 2 years ago and i dont have the greatest memory so :'(
    here are some not so great ones. shvex,asiansmurf,princessgerbal, etc. some not bad at all though im not sure if they were playing when i joined or shortly after, pimpcy, idogetwinkie.

  9. Thu Nov 24 10:12:25 2016
    LogantheCaveman posted in An Important Announcement....

    for the last time im not mad about the server reset, its the bs that gets shoved down our throats. i know you guys had no control over the reset i get i do now stfu about it i could give a shit less. as for them being model admins i nvr said they were the best admins i referenced them as players who were active when i first joined speaking of which i dont remember ever seeing you on but maybe thats a fluke of timing. back to the admins they were players who i liked thats all, and i wouldnt say any had a god complex so much as they had power and in their way they thought they did something good for the server, lone and kayla both were pushed by players who stayed right on the line of being banned but didnt cross it so yeah they fucked up but i can understand even if i dont approve. you'll notice i didnt say lesser and thats cause idk much about him or the situation around his ban. as for you, who said you had a god complex? i never said any names, feeling defensive? well maybe its bc anyone you dont like you disrespect and just generally treat like they are beneath you, and should someone say they dont like what you did then they are arguing with you and deserve nothing less than a ban. welp anyway its been fun but im off to practice my fortune telling.

  10. Thu Nov 24 09:46:04 2016
    LogantheCaveman posted in An Important Announcement....

    right you are dawn we all donated and were all new its called an exception but then i guess your head is too far up "your" ass to know that. how many thousands or tens of thousands of new players has craftymynes had? vs how many are now regulars? also you should remove your head from your ass to read since i said players that still play from when i had first joined i.e. lonewolf,lesser,kayla... oh wait you don't like to hear about admins that aren't royal bitches with a god complex. btw let me compliment you on your likely future comeback "your mom" which is just so original.

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