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    Tue Mar 13 08:16:02 2018
    Tekk42 posted in Word Association .

    Demilitarised Zone

  2. Mon Mar 12 04:21:21 2018

    @humfrydog ok first half of your order for end rods, ink and blaze rods is filled and payed for TYVM.

    For the diorite , granite and andesite i put together 9 shulker chests of each type full of stacks and color coordinated, red for granite, grey for andestie and white for diorite.

    if you ant them in shulkers price is 9 diamonds per shulker so 27DBs total for all shulkers and their contents.

    If that is too high or you dont want the shulkers I can go 1 diamond per 9 stacks so total cost is 9DB for 27 stacks of diorite, 27 stacks of andesite and 27 stacks of granite


    Thank you for the fantastic service. I see myself using it again in the near future after such a fantastic experience.

  3. Sat Mar 10 12:23:06 2018

    Andesite, Granite, and Diorite, all of it.

    2 stacks of End Rods.

    4 ink sack stacks.

    4 stacks of blaze rods.

    Message me your preferred price (diamonds, gold, or otherwise, not picky) and I'll respond in turn.

  4. Sat Mar 10 12:12:28 2018
    Tekk42 posted in Best Jokes You Have..

    Assuming we can say more than one in a row:

    What do you get when you cross a dyslexic with an agnostic insomniac?
    A person who stays up at night wondering if there is a dog.

    I can go for days with these! =3

  5. Sat Mar 10 12:09:53 2018
    Tekk42 posted in Best Jokes You Have..

    My grandfather has the heart of a lion.

    And a lifetime ban from the Sandiego Zoo.

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    Mon Mar 5 13:59:14 2018

    I'll buy 2 wither skulls.

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