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    Sun Jul 1 10:45:13 2018

    @iwarriiori Not sure whose base this is, but had plenty of concrete and shulkers to use in future renovations! See below:

    Oh, I see you found my first little hidey hole. I used that as my offsite storage for quartz and other stuff. The sudden transition from nice little grotto to giant freaking crater is quite amazing though. Did you find the hidden shulkers after making a hole that size though?

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    Mon Apr 16 04:35:33 2018
    Tekk42 posted in Builders League United.

    @3ddy Hello, I'm 3ddy.

    1. Raiding and griefing is a part of this server, of course, but i would never raid or grief an ally or a friend. Raiding is when you take items and loot a base or build for material gain. Griefing is when you destroy a place for the sole purpose of destroying it. I have been part of some raids with my faction, SC, but that has been on enemy factions and members of those factions. (I'm talking about factions like team eye. SC does not have many enemies).

    2. As I've mentioned, I am a member of Strangers Company, which was once the biggest faction on the server. (I'm in the council/leadership in the faction, but that doesn't really matter now) In case you haven't heard of us, we're a faction centered on building.

    3. I like doing PvP a bit, but i haven't really on CM. If i want to PvP, i log on to a PvP server. I would say i'm decent.

    4. This seems like an excellent set of rules.

    Due to current affiliations with an active(?) group, I'm afraid I'll have to decline your request. Having people with multi-faction affiliations results in conflicting interests at some point or another.

  3. Fri Apr 13 05:08:24 2018

    Expand #2 to include VIP and up TP range and I think we're good in that department. Many people build right inside the 15k range without realizing VIP get an extra 5k to their ranges.

  4. Fri Apr 13 05:03:20 2018
    Tekk42 posted in Builders League United.

    @sovietsuperman #1 Raiding is stealing supplies from a person's base without harming their build, griefing is destroying someones base or build. I have previously engaged in both but have since stopped

    #2 Yes, I ran my own raiding/griefing faction known as Red Army. There was a schism in my faction that resulted in the creation of Team Eye. After that I join with another faction: Strangers&Co. but lost ties to them due to inactivity.

    #3 I don't care for PVP, and I'm not great at it.

    #4 Yes, I agree on all fronts.

    When do I join?

    Due to a particular alliance offer and your posted history, I'll need to put this particular request on hold for the time being. Be aware this isn't a no, I merely need to do a bit more research on this than most people thanks to previous ties. I'll get in contact with you in-game or via this forum post once I've got a better idea of how to approach this.

    Thank you for your patience on the matter!

  5. Thu Apr 12 08:37:31 2018
    Tekk42 started the conversation Builders League United.

    Hey everyone. I've been on and off this server for some time now, had experience with all sorts of people and generally found that this game is most enjoyable when others work together to create townships, cities, or just big ol' mega structures.

    Solo building is one of the most tiresome things I've done in life. Sure, at the end you have some accomplishment I guess, but its nothing like the experience you have when you log into a group build area, see everyones progress and continually experience a small plot of land turn into a large township.

    I've experienced this before, and I want too again with others! So instead of randomly inviting those I trust and then waiting for existing members to cast their vote when we finally meet online together, I figured why not make a forum post to encourage like-minded players to join us. Below you can find my standard application I ask everyone who joins us. Filling out this application doesn't mean an instant join or guarantee to join, but it does give you the chance to. We're very picky on who we invite, and we like to be thorough since, being mainly a build group, in-group griefing and raiding is our main concern.

    BLU Application
    All questions have no wrong answers. We use these purely to get a feel for your character from these questions. Further investigation is done outside of the application process to solidify any views we get from your answers. Explaining your answer is great too!

    Question 1:What are your thoughts on raiding and griefing? Do you know the difference? Do you engage in either? Remember, no wrong answers!

    Question 2: Did you have previous buildmates before on this server? On others? Why are you not with them anymore? This questions primary purpose to find out if any baggage is being brought with you, such as drama or additional teammate possibilities. We like to have you on as clean a slate as possible!

    Question 3: PVP. Do you like it, are you good at it, and do you seek it out frequently?

    Question 4: Can you agree to a few sets of rules?
    1: This is a team based town, so chests are shared unless marked otherwise. Can you work with that?
    2: Builds should be no closer than 5 blocks from one another to ensure build quality and pathway viability. This more or less has kept issues between builders to a minimum, especially those who mark out their zones before hand. Can you agree to this?
    3: Builds are not just creative end results, they are also a time sink and one of the reason griefing hits us hard. You're not just destroying a completed vision of someones, you're destroying spent time, something they ultimately can't get back. For this reason, builds are not to be modified unless agreed upon by the player who built it, or by group consensus. Even if agreed to by the group majority, signs should be posted with a 7 day warning to the player to come in contact with us, or we'll modify/remove as needed (resources to be stored as private when removing/modifying for the player if they ever return). Contact can be achieved by either Discord, Forum, or Offline Message Board at the group community build site.
    4: This base is nearby another build site, also community based (to be announced when you're accepted) and we expect you to extend the same courtesy to them as you would the group.
    5: We get it, you have friends you want to come see your awesome build. You have friends you want to come join! We'd love them to do both, but we unfortunately are a community build area, and one bad apple is all it takes to make tens of hundreds of hours suddenly vanish. So run em by us first, or better yet have them do this application on the forum! With you as a referral and good history with the group, you might just get them a quicker acceptance into the group. You never know.
    Can you agree to all of these?

    As an unofficial note, you are not required to make this area your home. If you want to keep the private build materials and items you don't want others using at a separate base location, we more than encourage you to! Every good builder knows to have a Plan B!

    Current Members:

    BLU looks forward to your potential joining in our building faction, and we hope you have a wonderful time!

  6. Sun Mar 25 11:09:23 2018

    Oh, goodness no. I wasn't saying the system was broken or anything.

    Humfry actually hit the nail on the head with what the precise issue is; Late-nighters having more issues with keeping their streaks active thanks to off-hour play times coupled with each pages individual reset times exacerbating the issue.

    However, since you let me know what time the servers personal reset time is, I can plan my day a little better to work that out. 12AM CEST is 2pm AKST, my usual starting shift hour ironically, which means I get to do more math before going to bed tonight so I can plan out my next two weeks of voting.

    As for point #2, I was sleepy and worded that terribly. That point is kinda moot anyways, so we'll ignore it!

  7. Sat Mar 24 09:54:01 2018

    Also holy cow, that was a longer post then what it looked like when I was typing it. And I found the forum post where you implemented this, so...uh...yeah...lol, this seemed community driven in implementation.

  8. Sat Mar 24 09:48:55 2018
    Tekk42 started the conversation Vote Streaks and Graveyard Shifts.

    First off, need to say I love this server and its community. I played a LONG time ago and frequently voted everyday because I wanted to and the rewards were consistent regardless if I missed a day or two as it was just xp and food then). Then I had to leave both the server and my responsibility I worked hard to prove myself worthy of taking on once I went to college.

    Now that I found a nice paying job that, unfortunately, has fluctuating shifts every week, have good (non-college) internet, I was happy to finally make my return to this community. First thing I did when I joined was vote and donate again if I recall correctly actually.

    Then I noticed it...
    The vote streak.

    I was super excited about this, because it rewarded consistent voting, ensuring more traffic for the server by providing bigger incentives for people who regularly voted CraftyMynes as their go-to server, and all was good during my vote streak which got to 19.

    Until that one week..that one week where my schedule was all over the place. I had two mid shifts which ended at 10pm, then two graveyards, then an early morning right after, followed by another Graveyard (I know that's six, but my work week usually carries over into the next business week, so they "sorta abuse" that since my availability is about as open as one can be in a job).

    I wasn't aware this would be an issue until I started noticing that Craftymynes has a timer of some sort on their end, and the vote servers have their own as well. This led to some...very interesting issues when dealing with after midnight voting, especially since every vote server had a different method for keeping votes a daily thing. One server literally tracked your name or IP to make sure it was 1 per 24 hour period. Others seemed to call it good at 12AM, whichever time zone that happens to be. Then there is Craftymynes streak timer which...I don't know how it works. I just got on at 1:36am to vote again as of this post, and apparently I was still on a streak from earlier the previous day, essentially making 7 votes (not eight because of the aforementioned 24hr vote site) in one days worth of a streak.

    So this leads me to a couple questions.
    1: How is that timer handled on CraftyMynes in regards to the streaks? Is it 24hrs since last registered vote by the user on the server? Is it set to reset after a specific time during the day/night?
    2: Is there an advantage to making a streak system over, say, a 25 votes in one month system with a limit on crates per month?

    Assuming the answer to question two is no, would it be possible to make this switch at some point? I mean, I'm hoping this occurrence is just a me thing, but knowing how many people play on this server across many different places in the world, I'm not naive enough to think this is just a one person problem.

    Any thoughts, comments or explanations for this would be appreciated. I...broke down that night after doing everything I could trying to keep that streak going lol.

    Vote System hates night-shift workers because of inconsistent timers between sites and CraftyMynes rant with suggested fix.

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    Tue Mar 13 08:16:02 2018
    Tekk42 posted in Word Association.

    Demilitarised Zone

  10. Mon Mar 12 04:21:21 2018

    @humfrydog ok first half of your order for end rods, ink and blaze rods is filled and payed for TYVM.

    For the diorite , granite and andesite i put together 9 shulker chests of each type full of stacks and color coordinated, red for granite, grey for andestie and white for diorite.

    if you ant them in shulkers price is 9 diamonds per shulker so 27DBs total for all shulkers and their contents.

    If that is too high or you dont want the shulkers I can go 1 diamond per 9 stacks so total cost is 9DB for 27 stacks of diorite, 27 stacks of andesite and 27 stacks of granite


    Thank you for the fantastic service. I see myself using it again in the near future after such a fantastic experience.

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