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  1. last year
    Sat Jun 24 02:14:57 2017

    @ShadowHunter7_ can i buy some shulker boxes

    How Many you need

  2. Thu Jun 22 06:55:01 2017

    I would like to buy 1 mending book, 1 god set of armor, 1 god sword, and 1 god bow with mending, but no punch(Can I get it at a discount if i get it without punch?)

  3. 2 years ago
    Sat Jun 17 08:57:02 2017
    sparklez_and_pop posted in Obsidian Shop!!.

    @MasaruCyri Shouldn't this be in "Buy & Sell" instead?

    Erm it was
    i dont know what happened
    I changed it

  4. Sat Jun 17 05:44:44 2017
    sparklez_and_pop posted in Obsidian Shop!!.

    @The3xpertGamer Only 3... Wow, he must be lazy. What's that? like, 3 hours of non-stop work?

    that takes about 25 mins(ive mined over 20 stacks)

    @DeathStrikeNinja I would like to purchase 2 stacks

    Your order is ready just notify me or TheForgotten20 when you are on!

  5. Sat Jun 17 04:49:49 2017
    sparklez_and_pop posted in Obsidian Shop!!.

    @Cankicker8 plz buy we are being worked like dogs by these cruel employers!

    ^^ youve only mined 3 stacks

  6. Sat Jun 17 04:15:57 2017
    sparklez_and_pop started the conversation Obsidian Shop!!.

    Forgotten's and Sparklez's Obsidian shop. Obsidian is 5 diamonds per stack!!!
    Post your order and we will notify you when your order is ready!

  7. Sat Jun 17 03:33:57 2017
    sparklez_and_pop posted in Partial Server Reset!.

    @TheForgotten20 plz no raid me

    I wont. I wont leak your coords or raid you i swear.

  8. Fri Jun 16 04:25:47 2017
    sparklez_and_pop posted in Nerdnation: Applications.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Its mainly rybye

  9. Mon Jun 12 14:51:18 2017
    sparklez_and_pop posted in CraftyMynes YouTube Series!.

    Nerdie i noticed that in your episode 3 u said that you didnt want to leave you viewers clueless about where your base is and u said a huge hint about ur coords. i suggest you dont do this because there are some people that will keep on searching and they will find you base if u give them any kind of hint. Just a tip. Also love your vids and subbed.

  10. Mon Jun 12 14:45:56 2017
    sparklez_and_pop posted in Partial Server Reset!.

    welp forget about raiding for a while cuz most active bases are hidden really well, and are far out.

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