If I find an enderchest

  1. 8 months ago

    If I find someones enderchest and harvest it with silk touch, and get it. will it now be my enderchest which only shows my stuff in the other enderchest?

    So those enderchests as spawn in the trade area, that's where I can put my stuff and will only show in MY enderchests from now on?

    I've been playing minecraft for about 4 years now but never knew all the intricacies of the game until I came onto this server and started learning more about the game.

    For instance I am JUST NOW learnign about enderchasts.

    I rarely do into the ender world as it creeps me out and scares me. Yet now I find to craft an ender chest I'll need to find a blaze to make a blaze rod, then make blaze powder to may an ender eye. In order to make the ender chest.


    Anyone want to show me the ropes of the ender world?

  2. They’re all connected.

  3. The Enderchest access' a private storage from any Enderchest.

    Example: I put diamonds, netherite, and potatoes in my Enderchest. No one else can access my potatoes except me.

    Example 2: I use the Enderchest in spawn, I add Carrots and String. If you teleport me to your base and I use your Enderchest, I only see my items. I removed Carrots and String from my Enderchest storage and give them to you. My Potatoes, netherite, and diamonds are still safe.

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