Clan of Chooky Application

  1. 6 weeks ago

    Hello fellow youngsters. This is an application for all, but I am looking for da young people of the server.
    As a fellow youngling myself at age 11 this is an application for people to join my Team this team will be called... The Clan of Chooky
    Most people know me by snoopdogseb. now I am chooooooky.



    What do you like to do in the server:

    What are you good at:

    Thats all! : )

  2. artie21




  3. Artie21 you have been accepted into clan of chooky

    Good Job!

  4. ok

  5. -image-

  6. what questions

  7. username : aewokz
    age : 15
    i like to build nice buildings and fight people
    im good at building and im okay at pvp

  8. aewokz you have been accepted into clan of chooky congrats!

  9. aewokz you have been removed from clan of chooky congrats!

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